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PHP_SOLR for PHP 7.3.6!

Thanks to Apache Lounge, we have FINALLY found a Windows (x86, x64) .dll for SOLR that’s compatible with PHP 7.3.6!!…

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What is it, the Tao?

What is it, the Tao? Leave your mind open to question. An open mind, an open question. The answer is…

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Import/Export Text Boxes

There are two complementary MSWord macros here: One exports the text of all text boxes to an external file, where…

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Format MSWord Revisions

Sub FormatRevisions()Dim chgAdd As Word.Revision If ActiveDocument.Revisions.Count = 0 Then MsgBox "There are no revisions in this document", vbOKOnlyElse ActiveDocument.TrackRevisions =…

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Heard of Andrew Yang?

America is BROKEN!
Continue Reading... America is Broken: WE THE PEOPLE need to Fix it!!
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America is Broken: WE THE PEOPLE need to Fix it!!

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Welcome to My World…

Welcome to my home on the web. First off, know that I am not going to try to please anyone…