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Buddhist Philosophy in Theory and Practice

 Author: Herbert V Guenther  Category: Philosophy  Publisher: Shambhala Publications Inc.  : 1976  ISBN: 978-0394732718  Pages: 240  Country: United States  Language: English  File size: 15.4 MB

This unique book views the growth of Buddhist philosophy as an encompassing vision that seeks to discover the Knowable and to reveal the nature of Being. Beginning with humble but essential questions about perception and knowledge, this volume introduces the reader to the early schools of Buddhist thought. Succeeding chapters detail the growth of Buddhist philosophy, culminating in the sophisticated and profound metaphysics of Tibetan Tantra and Yoga, where the question of Being itself becomes the uppermost concern. Professor Guenther demonstrates how each development in Buddhist thought stems from a continuous critique of earlier premises, a relentless search for truth that refuses to accept any limitations.