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1990’s RUSH


Studio Albums Released in the 1990s

  • Roll the Bones (1991)

    Roll The Bones, the band’s 14th studio record, was recorded once again at Le Studio in Morin-Heights, Quebec and McClear Place in Toronto, Ontario. Rupert Hine returned as co-producer, after previously producing Presto. Roll the Bones has a taste of rap, a bit of funk, and a bigger “groove” than fans expected from Rush at the time. Neil chose to be more straight-ahead, leaving room for Geddy bass playing to be more aggressive.


  • 02


    Counterparts (1993)

    Counterparts is the band’s 15th studio album, released on October 19, 1993 and shows Rush returning to its guitar/bass/drum foundation, and becoming less dependent on synths and technology. This can be heard throughout, from the songwriting, to the performance, to the production. The term ‘counterparts’ is described as both “duplicate” and “opposite” – a definition that so intrigued Neil that he contemplated to himself: “…considered in this way, contraries are reflections of each other, and not necessarily contradictions.”

  • Test for Echo (1996)

    Test for Echo is the band’s 16th studio album. It was recorded from January-March 1996 at the legendary Bearsville Studios in New York state and at Reaction Studios in Toronto in April 1996. The band returned after nearly a two-year hiatus with a power and ferocity that rivals some of their earliest material. From the metallic feel of the title track, to the driving force behind “Driven” and the heavy feel of “Dog Years,” the guys beefed-up their sound and crafted a Rush record for the ’90s.