2000’s RUSH

Far Cry

Studio Albums Released in the 2000s

  • Vapor Trails (2002), Remix (2013)

    After a six year absence from the recording studio, Vapor Trails was the band’s first new album of the 21st Century, and the 17th of the band’s career. It was released in May, 2002 and co-Produced by Paul Northfield, who has engineered a number of Rush’s recordings. Vapor Trails redefines their intensely individualistic music, blending their famously complex dynamics with driving melodic hooks and a passionate, personal lyric approach. The entire developmental process for Vapor Trails was extremely taxing and took approximately 14 months to finish, by far the longest the band had ever spent writing and recording a studio album. The band had the album remixed and re-released as Vapor Trails Remixed in 2013.


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    Feedback (2004)

    Celebrating a career of filling arenas, selling tens of millions of albums and playing songs with which a generation of rock fans came of age, the boys decided to have a little fun with the music they grew up with. Feedback is an EP of cover tunes, released in 2004. It features covers of songs by The Who, The Yardbirds, Love, Cream, Buffalo Springfield and more. The album marked the 30th anniversary of the release of Rush’s debut album.

  • Snakes & Arrows (2007)

    Snakes & Arrows is Rush’s 18th full-length studio album and their first studio outing since 2004’s Feedback. It was also the band’s first complete studio album since Vapor Trails in 2002. It was recorded between November and December 2006 at Allaire Studios in New York’s Catskill Mountains and mixed and mastered at Ocean Way Recording in Los Angeles. The album was co-produced with Grammy Award-winner Nick Raskulinecz. Snakes & Arrows was the first time the band worked with Nick. It was completed months ahead of schedule, and as Alex recalled: “We had access to two studios and nothing else to do at night.” The studio’s very remoteness and a realized sense of harmony, spurred on the band to new creative heights.