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Rainy Night Walk From Harajuku to Shibuya - Tokyo Walk 原宿 渋谷 - 4K 60 FPS Binaural Audio
Tonight we will walk from Harajuku Station, starting at the new JR Harajuku Station that opened just one week ago. From there we will walk along Omote-Sando, Cat Street and finally Meiji Dori before we arrive at Shibuya Crossing. Many of the streets were very quiet, and the sound of the rain can be heard clearly.

This video was recorded around 19:30 on July 6, 2020

0:00 New JR Harajuku Station
0:50 IKEA Harajuku
3:00 Walking along Omote-Sando
6:00 Meiji Dori Crossing
9:30 Pedestrian Bridge Crossing over Omote-Sando
11:40 Cat Street
21:00 Walking along Meiji Dori
21:40 Pedestrian Bridge Crossing over Meiji Dori (Nice View)
26:20 Passing Tower Records
29:40 Shibuya Crossing

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